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Travellers International Hotel Group, Inc.

When AGI announced to all and sundry that it planned to make the Philippines a world-class tourist destination and place the country in the global tourism map, very few took the company’s pronouncement seriously. Most thought that such a grand plan was too big for any single company in the country to achieve.

But AGI was sure that with just the right investments, some well-planned infrastructure projects, and a firm resolve to do the right thing, the company would be able to help make the Philippines a major tourist attraction in the region and beyond.

For one thing, PAGCOR officials predict that the Philippines can easily surpass what Las Vegas, the world’s gaming capital, earns in casino revenues once the Entertainment City project is fully operational. Moreover, studies have shown that the number of tourists that come to the country is merely capped by the sore lack of first-class hotel rooms, which number only around 15,641 in Metro Manila, as of latest count. The construction of world-class hotels within the Entertainment City complex will boost this number by 72 percent allowing more tourists and gaming enthusiasts, especially from North Asia, to visit the country. Once fully completed, the Entertainment City complex will add more than 5,000 five-star hotel rooms, making it the single biggest concentration of first-class hotel accommodations in the country.

And so it was in 2008 that AGI made a well-thought-out move to participate in a Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) master-plan to develop a major Las Vegas-style leisure and entertainment complex, aptly named Entertainment City. AGI knew that participating in this major tourism project, the first of its kind in the country, would allow them to set in motion a series of ambitious tourism projects that would help them in their grand design. True enough, PAGCOR gave AGI, through the company’s subsidiary Travellers International Hotel Group (Travellers International), the very first provisional license to participate in the PAGCOR Entertainment City project.

It was then that AGI’s dream of venturing into tourism-related development come into reality with the birth of and Travellers International AGI’s newest tourism business arm. Travellers International is AGI’s joint venture with Genting Hong Kong Limited (formerly known as Star Cruises Limited), a member of the Malaysian Conglomerate Genting Berhad and the world’s third largest cruise line operator.

Now, just around three years since its ambitious plan was conceived, AGI has already proven the naysayers wrong. The Philippines is now steadily on its way to becoming a major tourism force in Asia and the Pacific. Travellers International owns and runs a major project that is currently contributing substantially to local and international tourism- Resorts World Manila. Travellers International had allotted over US$600 million to develop the leisure complex, situated within the 25-hectare Newport City. A flagship project of Travellers International, the 12-hectare Resorts World Manila opened to the public in August 2009. Considered the country’s very first integrated tourism estate, Resorts World Manila has the largest gaming facility in the Philippines that’s housed in three levels, with 300 table games and over 1,800 slot machines.

Resorts World Manila has three fully operational hotels the five-star Marriott Hotel, the six-star Maxims Hotel, the budget-class Remington Hotel and two more hotels that are still under construction- the Belmont Hotel and Savoy Hotel and a world-class shopping center- the Newport Mall. Marriott Hotel was the first international hotel to open in the resort and has 342 rooms, three dining outlets, a ballroom, multiple meeting rooms, a spa, and other amenities. RWM has started to construct the Marriott Grand Ballroom which aims to hold several events at 1 place. This will showcase 4 Ballrooms, and 14 Function Rooms, high end shops, chapel and F&B outlets and it will be operational by 2015. Maxims Hotel, in turn, is the country’s very first six-star, all-suite luxury hotel with 172 lavishly furnished suites. The budget-class Remington Hotel, which caters to middle-class local tourists offers 712 rooms, Belmont Hotel with 480 rooms, and Savoy Hotel with 610 rooms for those who want to stay in Resorts World Manila permanently. Resorts World Manila has started to construct the Marriott Grand Ballroom which aims to hold several events in one place. This will showcase 4 ballrooms, and 14 function rooms, high-end shops, chapel and F&B outlets and it will be operational by 2015. In total, the five hotels are set in full swing to boost AGI’s room inventory in Resorts World Manila to over 2,000 hotel rooms by 2016 when tourist carnivals are expected to hit 6.5 million.

Newport Mall is the focal point of activity of the tourism estate. The luxury, four-level mall houses specialty shops of international clothing and apparel brands and a variety of dining and amusement establishments. The resort also has state-of-the- art cinemas plus a 1,532-seater Newport Performing Arts Theater that serves as the mall’s centerpiece. The theater is equipped with modern stage, sound and lighting equipment and features an elegant vestibule with crystal chandeliers and a spectacular bar designed by Filipino sculptor Impy Pilapil who is known for her iconic glass and stone sculptures.

Barely two years since its opening, the Newport Performing Arts Theater has already showcased some of the finest local and international acts and artists such as David Pomeranz, Lea Salonga, Christian Bautista and Bobby Kim, as well as musicals like The Sound of Music and The King and I. The theater is also a favorite venue for special events like beauty pageants and corporate programs and productions.

With the additional development at Resorts World Manila, AGI expects daily visitors to increase from the current 16,500 to around 30,000 in the next few years. Right now, 90% of Resorts World visitors come from the domestic market with the remainder from neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, China and South Korea.

The success of Resorts World Manila has moved Travellers International to launch a new Resorts World project, this time in Entertainment City. Dubbed Resorts World Bayshore City, this new tourism estate is much larger than its predecessor and will occupy around a third of the 90-hectare PAGCOR Entertainment City.

The 30-hectare Resorts World Bayshore City is envisioned to be a themed tourism estate with around 3,500 hotel rooms and leisure, retail, gaming and entertainment facilities—the kind that Resorts World outlets have come to be famous for. Resorts World Bayshore City is seen to not only promote local and international tourism in the country but to also significantly contribute to the country’s economic development by creating over 100,000 direct and indirect jobs, thereby boosting the country’s employment rate. Travellers International is setting aside at least $1.1 billion for the project with construction expected to commence in the latter part of 2012 and be completed by 2016.

As young as the company is, Travellers International has already done so much to uplift the state of tourism in the country. By amplifying leisure and entertainment in the country to world-class standards, Travellers International has reached out to tourists across the globe with one clear message: it’s more fun in the Philippines.

Indeed, Travellers International’s projects, either by itself or in association with like-minded local and foreign companies, have contributed significantly to enhancing the country’s image in the global tourism arena. In the next few years, we can expect a stronger and more tourist-friendly Philippines.


Global-Estate Resorts, Inc.

Barely two years after its acquisition by AGI in 2010, Global-Estate Resorts Inc. (GERI) is already emerging as a powerhouse in the tourism industry. Formerly known as Fil-Estate Land Inc. prior to AGI’s acquisition of a controlling stake in the company, GERI is engaged in real estate development with a project portfolio composed of horizontal residential subdivision lots and residential and commercial complexes; residential communities integrated with golf courses, marinas, resorts, and other leisure-related and commercial complexes; properties associated with resorts; residential, office, and commercial high-rise properties; business and industrial parks; and low-cost housing projects.

In 2011, GERI completed ten of its old subdivision projects with three others nearing completion. These projects cover around 190 hectares of land in Baguio City, Bulacan, Batangas, Laguna and Naga City. GERI also completed during the year the development of its golf course in Forest Hills, Antipolo City, and the rehabilitation of its golf course in Fairways and Bluewater in Boracay.

What AGI is truly excited about nowadays, however, is the ongoing development of GERI’s two major tourism projects: Boracay Newcoast in Boracay and the Twin Lakes resort community near Metro Tagaytay. Together with other AGI subsidiaries, GERI has allotted a total of P20 billion for these two flagship projects which will feature integrated and carefully master-planned layouts that showcase world-class resorts with first-rate facilities and amenities.

Boracay Newcoast will be developed on a huge parcel of land that spans around 14% of Boracay. This is considered the single largest piece of land in the island. The P15- billion Boracay Newcoast is designed to be a leisure-driven community that features four world-class hotels, including one of AGI’s own hotel brand, with a total of 1,500 rooms.

Last year, GERI launched three projects within Boracay Newcoast: Newcoast Village, Boutique Hotel District, and Shophouse District. Moreover, within the sprawling 140-hectare resort will rise Oceanway Residences, the first condominium cluster in Boracay and the latest residentialphase of Boracay Newcoast. Oceanway Residences is strategically situated between two fairway lots of the only golf course in the island. Atop a natural ridge, Oceanway Residences also offers views of Boracay Newcoast’s one kilometer- long white beach, a definite treat for beach lovers.

GERI also launched in April 2012 the Boracay Newcoast Savoy Hotel, a project that is envisioned to redefine the night scene in Boracay. GERI aims to make Savoy Hotel the “Ibiza of Asia” by holding various electronic dance music festivals and concerts in the venue. Also a part of the Savoy Hotel complex is a row of retail establishments with a 400-squaremeter roof deck dance floor that overlooks the pool and bar area.

The Boracay Newcoast project aims to spur Boracay’s long-term tourism growth and help attract at least 350,000 more tourists to Boracay each year.

Aside from the Boracay Newcoast project, GERI is also deep into the development of Twin Lakes, a 1,149-hectare community in Laurel, Batangas, near Metro Tagaytay. The company is investing P5 billion for this project that’s envisioned to be the premiere medical and educational tourism destination in the Philippines.

Twin Lakes is a vineyard resort community, the first of its kind in the country, overlooking Taal Volcano and the Taal Lake. It offers a kind of resort lifestyle that revolvesaround the lush greenery and the year-round cool weather of Tagaytay.

The first phase of the project will feature a hotel and spa, a shopping village, residential villas and condominiums, a chateau and vineyard, and a sports and country club. In turn, the next phases of the project will include a golf course, themed residential communities, international hotels, a plantation estate, botanical gardens, a lake view manor, mountain-inspired lodging and facilities, health and wellness centers, boarding schools and retirement villages complete with modern medical amenities.

Right now, GERI is developing three luxury condominiums in Twin Lakes--Shiraz, Merlot and Chardonnay—all strategically located beside an authentic chateau and vineyard.

A garden-themed exclusive residential village is also currently in the works, aptly named Domaine Le Jardin. Inspired by garden-laden attractions and botanical gardens Domaine Le Jardin is nestled on a 50-hectare patch of land within Twin Lakes and is the first residential community in the country to offer properties with specially built terrace lots.

Aside from offering a new and unique resort experience to Tagaytay visitors, Twin Lakes is designed to revive the former glory of this erstwhile favorite weekend destination. This resort community and the Boracay Newcoast project are expected to raise the standards in the Philippine tourism industry and contribute to the transformation of the country into a major tourist destination in Asia.

Considering the fact that it has only been less than two years since AGI acquired the company, GERI has definitely hit the ground running, so to speak. The company’s two flagship projects are proof that AGI’s integrated tourism arm is bent on making its presence felt in an industry that sorely needs new and exciting players with groundbreaking ideas.

And with the way things are going, it seems that GERI is indeed on its way to becoming a tourism powerhouse not only in the Philippines but in the whole of Southeast Asia as well.

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